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Title:Drs. Teddy Kanin, Sam Morreale, Joe Calate, Salvatore Manente, John Whiteman
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04/15/2015 Dental Duct Tape!
04/16/2015 Implant Study Club
04/16/2015 Special Needs Pts
04/22/15 Older Adult Dentistry
04/24/2015 Cunat Program-Ortho
04/24/2015 Sprg Conf/8th Dist
04/29/2015 Practice Transitions
05/01/2015 Hygiene Symposium
05/06/2015 Common Lesions
05/15/2015 Oral Surg for GPs
05/20/2015 Mng Diabetes Pts
05/22/2015 Implant Rest & Comp
05/28-29/2015 Indiv Endo
06/03/2015 Infection Control
06/11-12/2015 Indiv Endo

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